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The most consumed drink after water, it’s universal appeal transcends time and tradition. It celebrates family milestones, starts the day and soothes a long afternoon. A tradition that's said to date back to 2737 BCE, the tradition of tea drinking has spread around the world, its recipes and preparations evolving along the way.

SIP – for Syrups, Iced-Teas and Powders – a company specialising in bespoke, high quality, vegan and sugar-free beverage solutions is a  family business that has grown from humble beginnings in Africa and is now taking on the European market.

With Rooibos, meaning ‘red bush’ as the tea leaf that forms the base of their products, SIPs products are the perfect example of this tea evolution. With known health benefits that include antioxidants to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, a natural antihistamine which keeps allergies at bay and an aid for digestion, SIPs products are geared to promoting a sense of wellness in today’s fast paced and stressful world.

A brand with purpose, SIP’s products are designed to cater for those who stand steadfast with their beliefs. The products are environmentally aligned, made for the health-conscious and 100% free of animal products while not compromising on flavour.

For those who follow a vegan diet, prefer sugar-free drinks or just crave a healthier way of living, there is still a desire for a delicious taste. But can vegan, or sugar free products taste just as good as their sugar filled equivalent? SIP’s product development team is dedicated to exactly that. SIP’s products have been carefully crafted to ensure that in addition to the multiple health benefits, use of specific ingredients and sustainable manufacturing processes, there is no compromise on flavour to delight the taste buds

SIP has carved out a unique sweet spot: products that are innovative, healthy, delicious with minimal impact to the environment.

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